Uganda’s Nathan Tumuhamye To Speak At Innovation Days In Turkey

  • by Mark Kalule
  • November 9, 2018

Mr Nathan Tumuhamye, the Director, Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab is among the speakers at this year’s edition of the Innovation Days 2018: #NextGenGov in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tumuhamye is a research fellow at Makerere University School of Public Health and Director Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab, ResilientAfrica Network (RAN).

He will talk about the fundamental evolution of power and innovation in decision-making, accelerated by new technology. He will also discuss the impact of diffusion and concentration of power  in policy-making as well as the success stories in Africa with case studies from RAN.

Tumuhamye holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Psychology (First Class Honours), a Master’s Degree in Health Services Research of Makerere University, a post graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Uganda Management Institute (UMI) and is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Health.

Nathan has over 8 years’ experience in quality project management, evaluation, research, innovation management and 5 years in Leadership position that involve multi-country implementation.

He has experience in multi country project management and supporting startups to scale with the recent management of a portfolio of over 100 innovations at Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab out of which 19 have successfully been initiated as startups. He has worked with Reproductive Health Uganda for 3 years Managing 4 Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) related projects covering 8 districts in south Western Uganda and Bunyoro region.

While at RHU, he was at the centre of coordinating political, cultural, religious, social and donor support for integrated SRHR family planning interventions, strengthening institutional and technical capacities of health systems and increasing healthy lifestyle choices related to sexual and reproductive health for young people and vulnerable groups.

About the Innovation Days 2018: #NextGenGov

The Istanbul Innovation Days (IID) have become a well-known annual gathering of partners to explore and accelerate organizational learning about emerging trends and innovative approaches to development and policy making. For UNDP, IID have emerged as a central R&D mechanism to help rethink and challenge our work continuously and build a new generation of services with and for our partners and clients by incentivizing emerging initiatives and experiments around strategic issues.

This year, the IID features #NextGenGov, focusing on emerging global trends impacting governance mechanisms and approaches and aiming to contextualize their potential implications around the world through collaborative experimentation

In a complex and rapidly changing world, it will not be sufficient to analyse, theorize and subsequently roll out traditional answers to the fundamental challenges we face. We see the emergence of new threats as well as opportunities for the futures of human rights, responsive institutions, civic activism & participation, and conflict resolution.  At the point of intersection among these individual policy streams the IID will present a series of experiments, both challenging and acting as a provocation and to explore the key fundamental question: How can we take ahuman-centered approach to developing and deploying 21st century technology and innovation to unlock more just, sustainable, inclusive and peaceful societies?

At IID, organised this year in partnership with Dark Matter Laboratories of London,we will bring together internal and external partners to showcase methodologies and practical examples of innovative governance and peacebuilding practices in different countries and settings. Our aim is to facilitate wider discussions and create spaces for experimentation complementary to our existing practices with a greater focus on innovation in governance and peacebuilding.