Karuhanga, Mwiru Join Gen. Muntu’s ANT, What Next?

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • July 9, 2020


Jinja MP Paul Mwiru and Ntungamo MP Gerald Karuhanga on Tuesday announced they have joined the The Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] party.

The two energetic legislators said that they bring a wealth of ‘political experience’ to the young party.

“Paul Mwiru and Gerald Karuhanga have officially joined us. The two are serving MPs in the family,” announced the party’s national coordinator Alice Alaso.

“We are extremely excited to welcome these two. We are the youngest Party By we’re value-based, institutionally anchored with a different a political culture.”

She added: “It gives me great joy that I’ve been able to witness this homecoming. My work is easy because you two have been part and parcel of our formation.”

Alaso said after the first launch, they are going to apply the Jesus’ principal: whoever joins today will have much work to do as those who joined before and those who will join after.

“So you are not too late and neither are you early.”

Mwiru, on his part, thanked the Party for accepting to welcome them as members of the organization.

“I come here because I believe in the principle of putting people first. I have joined this Party by choice and will because I know the task ahead of us.”

He added: “We need an organised group and that is why I join the Alliance. What defines me as a person is that what I say is what I do.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Karuhanga said if there is not any historical moment he has anxiously waited in his life then it is joining this Party-a Party whose foundation constitutes the core values that the nation needs.

“If it wasn’t for laws, I should have joined this Party right from the launch. I know the challenges ahead but am very sure that the team I have joined will put People First.”

“I join the Alliance because I know that a lady in Kabong district will not need contact in State House to access State scholarship because this Party believes in equitable distribution of opportunities.”

He added: “I join this Party because I know that a young lady will not die in labour looking for a contact of those in gov’t to access specialized treatment because the Alliance will have a national health scheme covering every Ugandan. So it gives me great joy that I am finally joining a party that believes and practices the values I cherish: honesty, integrity, transparency, zero tolerance to corruption, equity, justice.”