Climate Change Activists Camp In Nandere Forest to Mark Earth Day 2023

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • May 14, 2023

Given the current challenges of climate change, the loss of biodiversity, deforestation and landslides in Uganda, Over 100 climate change activists choose to wrap up the month of April in Nandere Forest to mark Earth Day 2023 running under the theme “Be part of the green revolution”.

According Ndyamuhaki Isaac, the Programs Manager-Circular Economy the Green Africa Youth Organization Uganda (GAYO Uganda) said the event was conducted because there is an urgent need for widespread actions at every level to promote ecosystem restoration.

Together with local partners, GAYO Uganda supported the restoration of 3.5 hectares of degraded land in Lazarus, Nandere community forest through planting 4000 rich indigenous species.

“These efforts demonstrate a significant step towards empowering grassroots movements and inspiring action to protect our environment. Looking at these efforts, The Earth Month Reforestation event which gathered over 100 volunteers, stands out as a crucial movement aimed at making our motherland a better place.” Ndyamuhaki said.

He added Camping with 100 volunteers in the forest, it was an opportunity to share knowledge on ecosystem preservation and the role of communities.

“Healthy ecosystems provide an extensive range of vital benefits that are essential for supporting local work and subsistence. These range from the fundamental ecosystem services and functions to the cultural and aesthetic aspects that play a role in the welfare of the societies they inhabit. The benefits of restoring ecosystems extend far beyond their tangible advantages, reaching into deep connections, including the shaping of cultural and traditional customs, such as totems and myths that are revered and respected by communities around the world.” Ndyamuhaki added.

This reforestation event was in line with this year’s Earth’s month theme, which was “Invest in the Planet”. Providing the possibility for individuals to take action in community restoration, reforestation and conservation.

Ndyamuhaki further sighted that the story of interactions between humans and nature are often multifaceted and difficult to fully comprehend. However, events such as the tree planting initiatives during Earth Month serve as a poignant reminder for us to actively acknowledge, safeguard, and preserve our natural environments.

The nature friendly event pulled out other partners like the One Tree Planted and co-led by Asili Kwanza Uganda, Rural Water Initiative for Climate Action (RWICA), and Bethany Land Institute.

GAYO Uganda is inspired by this action and thus advocates to all stakeholders out there to join the effort of ecosystem restoration; we believe in a world where conserving the natural ecosystem would be the number one priority of the masses.