Former Katikkiro Muliika Demands Arrest of Officers in Mityana Teargassing

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • October 20, 2020

 Former Buganda Premier Dan Muliika has dismissed the apology issued by Wamala regional police spokesperson Racheal Kawala over the teargassing of Mbogo clan leaders during an event on Saturday, Muliika says it should be the top commanders of police including president Museveni to apologize.  

Muliika has this Monday rallied several youth leaders under the Baganda Nkobazambogo structures to demand for action against the perpetrators of what he calls an attack on the kingdom. He says besides the apology, they are demanding that the police commanders who ordered the teargassing of the clan leaders to be arrested and charged.

The said incident occurred over the weekend in Mityana Mugulu Singo county at a thanksgiving ceremony which had been organized at the Clan headquarters to commemorate 6 years of service of the outgoing Speaker of the Bataka cabinet Kayiira.

The event had attracted several politicians from Mityana and the NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi had also gone to attend it in his right at a member of the Mbogo clan. 

Police dispersed the event saying that the organizers were flouting covid-19 guidelines. 

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga called for a press conference on Sunday and condemned police acts and now his predecessor Muliika is saying condemning the acts is not enough, as well as an apology from the police spokesperson. 

The Nkobazambogo leaders led by former president Kizza Hakim Saula said that they have already written letters to be delivered to the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga, the inter religious council because bishops and sisters were also teargassed and other organs of the Buganda Kingdom calling them to swing into action demanding for justice.

He added that they have also written to the Buganda Lukiiko speaker Parick Luwagga Mugumbule asking him to convene a special Lukiiko sitting to discus the matter and the way forward as they seek justice from government. 

Another former President of the Nkobazambogo youth Wing Malimbolimbo Nickson said that they are going to be holding several daily activities aimed at pressurizing government to take action against police officers in Mityana who attacked the clan leaders.