President, Media Wrong on Rukutana New Details Emerge

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • September 8, 2020

Lawyers to the distressed Minister Mwesigwe Rukutana who has been thrown behind coolers for holding a gun at voters have issued a statement on what transpired that day.

In a lengthy statement issued on Monday afternoon, the lawyers protested the continued detention of their client, citing that he had been in custody for more than 48 hours, a move that would have helped him get released.

The lawyers noted how the president was being fed on false information regarding the matter aimed at fostering malice and ditching their client’s political career.

They added that there was no shooting at any person that happened despite Rukutana holding the weapon at people.

“The media has been awash with information that the Hon. Minister shot at a person and that the person died. Then these two false versions that the person allegedly shot was a different person than the earlier one mentioned which is false,”the lawyers said.

The lawyers claim the true version of the story is that Rukutana was a candidate for Rushenyi county NRM primaries was on the 5th of September at his home organizing for the burial of his mother-in-law when everything fell apart.

The lawyers say that the Minister sent his son to pick a reverend to offer prayers before the burial but they met with a roadblock on their way back

“The minister’s son together with the Reverand found the road leading to the home of the minister and on inquiry from the people who had blocked the road , they hurled lots of insults on the minister’s son and the Reverand accusing them of going to bribe votes.” The Lawyers said.

They went on to explain that Rukutan’s son was compelled to call his father and inform him of what was happening leading the minister to rush to the scene with his bodyguards to rescue them.

Rukutana met the people that had blocked the road with a car and an exchange ensued before one of them went down to pick a weapon which prompted Rukutana to rush to his vehicle and pick a weapon to scare them off.

They maintain that he didn’t shoot at anyone.

“The weapons of the minister’s guards were all retrieved by the police and are available for inspection and the truth shall be established that the weapons never released any bullet nor is there any sell of any bullet at the scene. ”the lawyers said.