BIG STORY: Whistle Blower Exposes Minister Ssempijja’s Corruption, Nepotism


The minister for agriculture and animal husbandry and fisheries Hon. Vincent Bamulanzeki Ssempijja is in hot soup following bitter secrets that unmasked by a whistle blower identified as Naijuka Edison.

In a letter dated 19th August, Naijuka petitions the Ministry of Public Service and the office of the Inspector General of Government over the issue of The National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRIC).

Naijuka wonders why Minister Ssempijja effects the law on some officials and leaves others (close relatives) untouched.

This complain follows the arrest of the Acting Executive Director, National Animal Genetic Resources Center & Data Bank, Entebbe. Dr. Anthony Ntate by the arrest effected by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema.

Ntate (Ssempijja’s relative) was detained at the Central Police Station, Kampala, freed from custody after a shot time, on a non cash bail of shs 50M, unlike his co-accused.

Quoting the Public Service act F-S 8 that demands for the interdiction of government officials from office once they are charged in courts of law,however Naijuka’s surprise is that Dr. Ntate who detained, charged in privacy as he sipping a bottle of soda was granted bail at a rocket speed.

When Dr. Charles Lagu’s, Ntate’s predecessor was arrested, the agriculture Minister rushed to interdict contract of the poor ‘West Niler’ who faces the same charges as the highly privileged Ntate.

Ntate has remained in office several days after being charged before court, an act contrary to the public service act, but its surprising that the Ministry is still mute on this matter.

It should be noted that a February 13, 2020 petition to the unit by a Edison Naijuka unmasks conflict of interest in matters procurement.

According to the petitioner, while Ntate served as Deputy Production Manager and Chairperson, Contracts Committee, he used his position to operate as Procurement Officer.

As a result, he influenced recruitment and sourcing of own brothers companies so as to pass his deals easily.

The said companies belonging to Joseph Balironda’s family are; Cardino Partners Consult Ltd and Balix Imports & Exports Ltd.

To this, the petitioner wrote, Ntate awarded contract of supplying fencing poles to his brother’s companies without declaring conflict of interest.

One of these contracts, according to the petitioner, is contained under reference number NAGRC/SUPLS/18-19/00001 with call off order number P00002 dated November 9, 2018. The supply was worth Shillings 241, 917, 700 million.

It is after this deal that the petitioner, through, Credo and Co. Advocates rushed to Nakalema and reported a corruption matter and this should explain Ntate’s arrest and detention on charges of corruption and abuse of office.