Government to Prioritize Boat Ambulances Next Year

The government of Uganda has disclosed that it will prioritize boat ambulances come next year.

This has been done through the Ministry of Health in the effort to be ready for any catastrophic accidents that will need to be attended to on water.

This comes after a gruesome accident that claimed the lives of a large number of Ugandans on Lake Victoria recently.

According to Dr John Nambohe, the ministry’s commissioner of Emergency Medical Services, there are huge gaps in emergency response on water bodies whenever disasters hit, which leads to many preventable deaths, citing the recent boat cruise accident that claimed more than 30 lives.

The boats will be situated in districts that are surrounded by water.

“We shall start with a few in the over ten districts in the country surrounded by water bodies,” said Dr Nambohe.

This is anticipated to be implemented in the next financial year 2019/2020 budget and it is assumed that the numbers of people that lose their lives while sailing the waters will drastically be curbed.