All You Need to Know About Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Visit to Uganda

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • February 4, 2020

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Uganda on Monday for a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni, on a trip to boost ties with the East African nation, and Uganda in particular.

It should be remembered that Netanyahu last visited Uganda in July 2016 to mark the 40th anniversary of a hostage rescue at Entebbe airport, in which his brother Yonatan died.

President Museveni thanked Prime Minister Netanyahu for being a true friend and an ally of Uganda and also for being the only Israel Prime Minister to have ever visited Uganda a record five times.

As he left Israel, Netanyahu said that he was “strengthening our relationship” with Uganda and that he hoped to “have very good news for the State of Israel” from the trip.

“I am now on another visit to Africa, this is my fifth visit in about three and a half years,” Netanyahu said. “These are ties that are very important in the political, economic, security and other fields,” he added.

Israel currently has diplomatic relations with 39 out of 47 sub-Saharan African states. It’s also in line of this that the two leaders agreed to the importance of opening foreign missions of the two countries with Uganda having a mission in Jerusalem while Israel will open the Kampala mission.