Usiende Nyama Kwa Nyama: UPDF Catch Word On HIV Excites Ugandans

  • by Emmanuel Nuwamanya
  • October 3, 2018

The UPDF yesterday  launched a new HIV/AIDS strategy and Ulinzi condom at the Land Forces Headquarters Bombo.

The Chief of Staff Land Forces, Brig Leopold Kyanda, who was the Chief guest at the function highlighted that UPDF HIV/AIDS prevention strategy was born out of the need to refocus and realign the over 30 years of prevention activities to emerging evidence based interventions and contribute to international and national agenda for the elimination of HIV/ AIDS epidemic by 2030.

It is however the catch word (Usiende Nyama Kwa Nyama) that has excited Ugandans especially on social media with several sharing the pictures of the just launched condom.

Usiende Nyama Kwa Nyama is a swahili phrase for do not go flesh for flesh, discouraging Ugandans from engaging in unprotected sex.

During the lainch, Brig Kyanda said that the UPDF still views HIV/AIDS as a major threat to national security since it was first reported in Uganda in 1982. “HIV has continued to pose a significant public health and security challenge

and Ulinzi condom is going to be a milestone for HIV/AIDS prevention strategy, we will continue to ensure that all our plans focus towards HIV Prevention” Brig Kyanda said.

The Chief of Staff further said that the UPDF has been part of the country’s epidemic response since the inception of structured national intervention in 1986.
The national response spearheaded by H.E the President and Commander-in-Chief Gen Museveni has its roots in UPDF (then NRA). Following the deportation of 18 out of 60 military officers that had tested HIV Positive while on course in Cuba in 1986, President Museveni led the country in combating HIV /AIDS through a multi sectoral response mechanism.
Brig Kyanda thanked the support by partners especially PACE and also URC (University Research Company) among others for the techinical support to UPDF.

In addition Dr Kibirige Vasity, the Head of condom programming in the ministry of health since 1998 to date thanked UPDF for its initiatives in combating HIV/AIDS especially through the launch of ULINZI CONDOM which is a new military brand.
“I am happy that this condom brand is gaining prominence in HIV prevention” Kibirige said.
She cautioned soldiers against unprotected sex and urged them to take advantage of Ulinzi condom in safeguarding themselves against contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr Nelson Musoba the Executive Director of Uganda AIDS Commission also thanked the UPDF leadership for inviting him on such a function and congratulated the force for being in the fore position in combating HIV /AIDS and the launch of HIV prevention strategy and ulinzi condom. He argued all soldiers to use ulinzi condom because HIV still has no cure and the condom is still the main strategy in its prevention, in unwanted pregnancy and family planning.

The function was also attended by the Exective Director of PACE Dr. Felester Nakamya and senior UPDF officers from the Chieftancy of Medical Services.