Prof Mukiibi adultery secrets leak, had first child in his S4 and wife divorced him after few years in marriage

  • by Harriet Kafeero
  • June 6, 2017
The number of children that have been taken to Prof Mukiibi’s home has shocked the nation.
On social media, the mourning of a celebrated educationist has now turned into jokes as most people are wondering how the professor gathered over 50 children and countless women.
Most people attributed Prof Mukiibi’s sex life to the vast amount of wealth he accumulated.
While this is partly true, there is a debate that Prof Mukiibi was always a womanizer even when he was still a poor young man.
Actually, Prof Mukiibi had his first two children while in S4. This dispels speculation that the Mukiibi picked interest in women as a result of money.
The St Lawrence Schools and College proprietor like most adult men decided to wed his lover in 1993 Florence Kungu but their marriage didn’t last long due to Prof Mukiibi’s adulterous nature.
According to Mukiibi’s close associates, even at the time, he died the professor was still active and he never blinked while looking at a beautiful light skinned girl.
At the moment, Prof Mukiibi is a subject of comparison with fallen socialite Ivan Semwanga who left just three children born one woman as opposed to Prof Mukiibi’s tens of children from many women.
While some have condemned Prof Mukiibi as being inconsiderate we will leave the judgment to God.