New information reveals Ivan Semwanga’s source of money and identity in South Africa

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • June 4, 2017

Following his death, this news site about two weeks ago published a comprehensive story about Ivan Semwanga’s property.

However, we made it categorical that although it was clear that Ivan was by any standards a rich man, we had not established his source of riches.

Now, latest information has revealed that Ivan Semwanga and his colleagues of the Rich Gang have been operating a kind of a shrine in South Africa where they would promise blessings to the needy people.

A screenshot from the Moreki page

We have also discovered a Facebook page that Ivan Semwanga used to encourage those who wanted to get out of poverty to reach out to him for blessings and relief money.

Under the name;  Moreki finder South Africa, videos of Ivan Semwanga distributing money both in South Africa, Uganda and other places were posted and the page was used to encourage followers to inbox their names and places of residence to receive instatnt miracles from the Moreki as many South Africans knew Ivan Semwanga.

Moreki is a Tswana word that means ‘giver of blessings.’

On March 1st 2017, a picture of an elegantly dressed Ivan Semwanga was posted on the page Moreki page with the message:

“Cash money lord around South Africa ?? ladies it your time to get hookup and stay a happy life with whatever you want in life all needed inbox me your photos and location or whatsapp me on (083) 3505729 please you much be cute and respectable Moreki Findersa rich lifestyle.”

The Facebook posts on the Moreki page as Ivan was known were always calling for ladies to come for cash by sending a WhatsApp message together with a picture.

It is not clear why Moreki was mainly interested in ladies especially the beautiful ones but other sources say that he would manipulate the women, sleep with them or take their money after promising to bless them.

In one of the videos, Semwanga is seen distribution money to women who lined up and the a South African newspaper published a story about the Moreki (giver of blessings) and his act of kindness.

A South African newspaper wrote about Moreki and his kindness

It is said that Ivan would not feel a pinch even after dishing out millions of shillings to needy since he would soon recover the more money from unsuspecting clients who wanted blessings.

Moreki as Ivan is still known by South African communities would promise the clients that they will be like him and start giving their excess money to charity.