Ivan Semwanga’s wealth revealed on his final send off in Kayunga

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • May 30, 2017
Since Ivan Semwanga’s death last week a lot has been said about his wealth.
Members of the public have speculated about Ivan’s money, cars, schools and hotels. But how much did Ivan own?
Well, we have done a background check and it is true that Ivan will go down as one of the richest Ugandans of our time.
Ivan Semwanga had invested most of his money in schools in South Africa.
Ivan had actually up 7 schools in three South Africa cities including Durban, Pretoria and Durban.
His Schools run under brand names that have nothing to do with his name.
One of the school that has several branches acriss the three cities is The Brooklyn Schools.
In these schools, Ivan owned a bigger percentage of shares and the rest are owned by Zari Hussein.
It should be remembered that when Zari and Ivan broke up, Zari told a local television that she still ran some joint projects with her ex and now slain lover Ivan.
Ivan also had a real estates company dealing in buying and selling land and mansions.
Although Ivan’s source of income to invest in all the above is still a myth, there is no doubt that Ivan had huge investments and left over 4 million USD on his bank accounts.
It is rumored that when Ivan went to south Africa in the early 2000s, he started operating a shrine where he would cast demons out of wealthy South Africans. TheUgandan has however not been able to independently establish the fact about this.
Ivan Semwanga also lived in a lavish home in South Africa.
Ivan also has a huge mansion in Muyenga although he had not built a befitting house in his home district of Kayunga.
Actually, when Ivan’s life started deteriorating, Ivan’s relatives started the process of renovating the houses in Ivan’s village.
Although the Rich Gang boss had not built in the village, he lived like a king both in SA and at his Muyenga home where he had everything including a swimming pool.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that Ivan had some investments in Uganda including a Hotel in  Nakulabye and another one along Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road , both Kampala suburbs.
Reliable sources indicate that Semwanga has been employing over 1000 people and paying at least  shs1billion every month.
We bring thus last because it was obvious to everyone that Ivan had quite a number of expensive cars.
Ivan for instance left behind Lamborghini, Hummer, Chrysler among others.