Man kidnapped after exposing Bishop Makumbi’s fake miraculous power

  • by Mark Kalule
  • June 5, 2017


A man identified as Joseph Kato has been kidnapped and taken to an unknown place after revealing to a local television that a city bishop used to hire him to stage manage miracles in his church.

The man whose relatives are now worried revealed to NTV that last week that he used to come to Bishop Makumbi’s church as a sick person and would instantly get healed after Bishop Makumbi’s healing touch.

According to NTV, the man has received threats from Bishop Patrick Makumbi’s agents warning him that if he doesn’t retract his statements, he would be imprisoned for life.

NTV aired story exposing how city pastors use deceptive tricks to lure win over followers and now the people who were quoted in the May story are living in danger.

One of Bishop Makumbi’s agents is Aloysius Matovu Junior a.k.a Mulamuzi., a radio presenter on Dembe FM in Kampala and he has been calling the sources telling them to go to the TV station to clear the Bishop’s name or face the wrath of the man of God.

Kato says agents of the pastor who was exposed in the story are threatening him and he is living in fear.

However, NTV report that Kato has since been abducted and his whereabouts are unknown.

Another woman is now living in danger since she implicated the Bishop who is accused of raping and impregnating her daughter.

Bishop Makumbi while appearing on a local talk show last week said that people are jealous of his success and want his followers to lose confidence in him.

Bishop Makumbi claims that he was raised in a good family and that he can neither fake miracles nor rape a woman. He, however noted that he will be happy to walk into Luzira prisons if he is found guilty of rape.

However, sources indicate that Bishop Patrick Makumbi is well connected in the police, prisons and the courts and therefore it would be difficult to have him convicted.