Security heightened at Ivan Semwanga’s grave as family fears cannibals could steal body

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • May 31, 2017

It was highly expected that Ivan Semwanga’s grave wouldn’t be safe following the Rich gang’s popping of champagne and throwing of money in Ivan’s grave on Tuesday.

Ivan Semwanga’s grave and probably the body are not safe for two reasons. We all know that thieves can try anything to rob those who are moving on the streets. We have seen thieves robbing accident victims who are crying for help, but instead the thieves just grab what they can.

Imagine the plans of thieves who steal from accident victims and the normal people on the streets! Such people have caused Ivan Semwanga’s family to higher Kayihura’s men to guard the Rich Gang in his eternal home.

First of all, Ivan was buried with millions of shillings as his colleagues slashed money in the grave. Now, ask yourself what the petty thieves were thinking when images of Ivan’s grave were pictured with all sorts of dimes scattered all over.

Even if such a thief was sick and very far from Kayunga, let’s say the person is in Masaka. Won’t this person grab the next taxi to come dig up the grave to excavate the money? I would guess so!

Away from the cash that was buried with the father of Zari Hussein’s three boys, a local leader made it clear that some people in Kayunga enjoy human meat.

It is, therefore, true that the three policemen with AK47 rifles who have been sighted guarding Ivan’s grave want to ensure that Ivan’s body is not eaten. Don’t forget the money he was buried with, many were plotting on how to excavate it.

Although the security can save Ivan’s body from being eaten, it may not guarantee the security forever but who are? Let’s just wait and see how long Kayihura’s boys will guard the grave in Kayunga and what will follow.