Ivan Semwanga’s body arrives as facts about his death emerge

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • May 28, 2017

As Rich Gang leader Ivan Semwanga’s body arrives in the country for his final send off, details have emerged of how he developed the stroke that condemned him into a coma that later caused his demise.

Close friends of the late Semwanga have exclusively told this website that Zari’s ex-lover had been having a good time with his friends at a night club in south Africa before getting into danger.

According to a close source, Ivan was in the company of his friends who went out and drunk too much alcohol before returning home late in the night.

The source said that after drinking, everyone went home but some friend’s went to Ivan’s residence.

“When we reached at Ivan’s home we were too tired and drunk so basically everyone lay on the nearest couch in the house,” said the source that preferred not to be named.


The source however added that Ivan could have been a bit drunk than the rest of the friends and when Ivan went to the washrooms, he returned but stumbled and fell, hitting his head on the tiles in his bedroom.

Ivan had been healthy and there is no history of terminal illness that had been reported about the tycoon and this explains why everyone was shocked to learn of Ivan’s story.

We could have saved him
The source who regrets learning of Ivan’s fall when it was too late told our reporter that Ivan Semwanga’s life could have been saved if he was immediately rushed to hospital.

“The truth is that we were all drunk and we didn’t realize that Ivan had fallen down to the extent of suffering a stroke. We thought he was just lying on the floor but he was in too much pain,” said the source.

Taking Ivan to hospital

Ivan was rushed to Steve Biko Hospital but doctors could only do too little

Ivan’s friends who later realized that their friend’s life was in danger rushed him to Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria where doctors tried to save Ivan’s life.

However due to the delay in taking him to hospital, it was very difficult to save the life of a man who has touched many people through his charity work.