Ushs40 billion-rated Bobi Wine is not supported by music

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • March 24, 2017
Artiste Bobi Wine

That self-appointed ‘ghetto president’ Bobi Wine; real name Sentamu Kyagulanyi, Uganda’s leading Afrobeat singer is one of the richest artistes in Uganda is not news but how he makes his money is what most of his fans and fellow musicians are yet to find out.

Estimated to be worth Ushs40 billion, Bobi has made money but appears frustrated that to enjoy it, he must grow apart from his community which becoming even poorer than when he was a child, playing in the filthy sewers. He was brought up by his mother amidst this poverty, has escaped it through his singing career, and now champions the cause of the poor through his music.`

But according to his conversation this week with staff of M-KOPA Solar Uganda at their head offices at Lubowa, Kampala,  the Makerere University graduate said he makes money in a number of ways, most of which do pay very well.

Bobi Wine told M-KOPA staff that music does not make even 15% of his total income yet he has the kind of lifestyle associated with successful American hip-hop artistes,  lives in multi-million shilling mansions and possess fleets of the latest cars yet the money that supports all that comes his piggery business, real estate development projects a owns a hardware shop in Kamwokya, Uganda, a recording studio and not music shows.

“When I have a show I have to share the earnings with Nubian Li, the Band, the manager among other people involved and at the end of the day, the money I go with home is really small,” Bobi Wine said.

His Lavish residence just out of the city

While most musicians in the country are broke and homeless, Bobi Wine owns a swanky home on a 20-acre of land located just about 20km from Kampala City Center.

Bobi Money Sources:  Studio/Farming/Beach/Arcade/Rentals/Band/Yatch/Shows

Besides his multibillion home and businesses in Magale, Bobi also has a beach beach at his Busabala One Love Beach sitting on almost 20 acres on which he plans to set up a hotel, a building at Kamwokya, a farm at Gayaza and several pieces of land in various parts of the country. He is reported to have many Boda Bodas and matatus and works with several NGOs as their ambassador.

How Kadongo kamu musicians make money 

Kadogo kamu and most kidandali musicians really make the bulk of their income on tour allover Uganda’s small towns. This is why you see artists attempting to line up at least two tours every year and the way that they get to a tour is if they put out a new album or new music. The reason why tours gain them the most money is because it’s consistent in giving them a steady income for a while. It can also be pretty costly going on tour though with all of the traveling and expenses, but if you have a good kivulu booker lets in Kyazanga, Lwengo District, Greater Masaka, they’ll try and book you shows and dates that are nearby in Lyantonde, Sembabule, Kalungu, Rakai and as far as Bukakata as opposed to multiple stops in random bars around Kampala or at fellow musicians’ concerts.