‘Arrested’ Nambooze Takes ‘BAD DP’ Home

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • March 29, 2017
Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze

After battling Police officers on Friday morning at Nsambya Sharing Hall, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze’s, the outspoken legislator has announced a new date and venue for the controversial flopped DP-Buganda delegates conference.

Nambooze was this morning arrested at Nsambya junction as she tried to access Nsambya sharing hall, where she was meant to hold a meeting with members of DP to promote her new campaign of bad DP, good DP.

At least five other people were arrested during the running battles involving police and members of the Uganda Young Democrats, UYD who had showed up to support Nambooze.

She told journalists following blockage from holding her conference that it will take place in two weeks time in Mukono Municipality before she was driven back to home in police car.

Ms Nambooze insisted that she was organized the meeting under the theme; “Making DP Great Again” and her Buganda is her jurisdiction and does not need to get approval to do her work from Mao or NEC.

“Our president(Norbert Mao) has become dishonest. It seems these days he doesn’t want to see DP performing.” she said.


Ms Nambooze argues that under Mao’s leadership, DP has been deliberately weakened to the extent that some of its members feel comfortable and almost indistinguishable from the ruling NRM Party.

She also accuses Mao and his colleague ally Mukasa Mbidde of ‘delivering’ DP to the ruling NRM, failing to fill vacant positions within the party and failing to convene a national conference which she says is in breach of the party’s Constitution.

Insiders say Nambooze harbours ambitious plan to unseat Mao from leadership of the party and become its first ever female President General.