Reject Museveni job or get impeached, Busoga Lukiiko tell Kyabazinga

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • February 18, 2017
Kyabazinga and President Museven

The Busoga cultural leader [Kyabazinga], William Nadiope Gabula IV has been given an ultimatum by  the kingdom Lukiiko to reject his recent appointment as the ambassador in Charge of Special Duties, under the Office of the President or cease being their King.

In a reshuffle of Uganda’s diplomats announced last Friday, President Museveni designated the traditional king, following two back-to-back meetings between them, as an “Ambassador in-charge of Special Duties in the President’s Office”.

The Lukiiko, the legislative arm of the kingdom contends that the appointment generated major controversies in relation to constitutional provisions that bar traditional leaders from participating in partisan politics.

They add that the appointment presents a broad range of implications of what such an appointment will have on the institution of Kyabazinga in future.

Busoga Lukiiko speaker George Wanume Mutyabule says that after a series of lengthy and exhaustive consultations, it has been agreed that the appointment is not in consonance with the norms, values and culture in regard to the office of Kyabazinga. He adds that it is not appropriate for the Kyabazinga to accept the appointment.

The kingdom’s constitution, the National Constitution and the Traditional and Cultural Leaders Act, these deduced that it was not reasonable for the Kyabazinga to be placed in a position where he might be required to take instructions, other than those of the royal chiefs council, The Clan Leaders Court and Busoga Lukiiko.

“The appointment is inconsistent with the constitution, which bars cultural leaders from engaging in partisan politics, have or exercise any administrative, legislative or executive powers of government or Local Government,” they observed in a letter signed by Keith Mutengu, the chairperson of the Clan Leaders Council and Samuel Kiirya, their secretary.

“In the circumstances and best interest of Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga, the Busoga Clan Leaders are duly bound to advise the withholding of this appointment,” they said but hastened to add that the president may from time to time consult with Isebantu on such matters as both may deem appropriate.

Early this week, pictures were circulated on social media showing the Kyabazinga already at work in his new office. Officials from his office have also been quoted by some local media thanking the president for the appointment.