Kayihura Begs America Not to Implicate His Family For His Crimes

  • by Steven Mwesigye
  • September 20, 2019

The former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura is seeking talks with the American government over the recently announced sanctions against the former police boss.

Last week, the US government, through its treasury department, imposed sanctions on Gen Kayihura for reportedly engaging in corruption and human rights abuses.

“We are targeting Uganda’s former police inspector general Kale Kayihura for using corruption and bribery to strengthen his political position, as units under his command committed serious human rights abuses,” said Sigal Mandelker, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

Kayihura Opens Talks With America 
The lawyer further demanded: “Why would a man who created an environmental protection Police and the wildlife protection police unit be involved in exporting wildlife? if he was involved, would we still be having wildlife because he was the one in charge of that Police? So really it is just ridiculous.”
On torture 
On the issue of Gen Kayihura involving in torturing Ugandans, the lawyer notes that records are available at the professional standards unit where police officers involved in torturing suspects were charged accordingly, adding that as a leader, Gen Kayihura put in place a system to discipline offices that would flout the laws.
“You can’t be responsible for the actions of nearly 40, 000 policemen,” Mr. Tumwebaze said.
About the family
Through his lawyers, Gen Kayihura also notes that his children are not responsible for his crimes if any, adding that their rights should be protected in line with their parent’s actions or inactions.
“For the US to be, in the same statement, about human rights and then trample upon the human rights of Kale’s children and his wife is simply ironical. To be talking about standing up for human rights and abuse Kale’s right to be heard is ironical,” Tumwebaze noted.