CREEC Makerere Partners with University of Leeds and Lonyo Arts Consortium to Empower Women in Clean Energy

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • October 19, 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC) at Makerere University, in conjunction with the Centre for Endangered Languages, Cultures, and Ecosystems (CELCE) at the University of Leeds and the Lonyo Arts Consortium (LAC), embarked on the transformative “Mama Said Project.”

This project aimed to bridge the gap between engineering and the arts to propel the clean energy revolution, with a particular focus on uplifting the lives of women, mothers, and girls in Uganda.
Empowering Women Through Art and Innovation.

The Women in Energy Poetry Show organized by CREEC and her partners was a powerful testament to the importance of infusing societal challenges into the arts and entertainment.

The poetry showcased the struggles women face in relation to energy, especially in Africa, where they bear the burden of cooking-related emissions and respiratory diseases. These issues often lead to dire consequences, including loss of life.

Recognizing the vital role women play in energy consumption, the “Mama Said Project” seeks to empower women to make informed energy choices and encourages their participation as innovators in the renewable energy sector. The project aims to provide a platform for women to take up space in this critical field.

Addressing Environmental Concerns
President Museveni’s Executive Order No 3, which bans charcoal production and trade in Northern Uganda, is a significant step in environmental protection. However, it has led to skyrocketing charcoal prices, particularly in urban areas. The “Mama Said Project” responds to this timely opportunity by disseminating information about clean technologies, helping communities make sustainable energy choices.

CREEC: Leading Uganda’s Energy Revolution
CREEC is at the forefront of renewable energy research in Uganda. Their mission is to drive a seamless transition to affordable, reliable, and clean energy alternatives while ensuring equitable access for all.

CREEC’s commitment to delivering credible research products that inform policy and inspire sustainable energy projects demonstrates their dedication to revolutionizing Uganda’s energy sector.

By bridging the gap between academia, the public sector, and industrial partners, CREEC creates a transparent avenue for the flow of information, enabling collaboration and unlocking Uganda’s full energy potential.

A Transformative Initiative
The “Mama Said Project” represents a unique fusion of art and engineering, offering a transformative approach to addressing energy challenges in Uganda.

It promises to empower women, protect the environment, and advance the clean energy revolution. This collaboration between CREEC, the University of Leeds, and LAC is a beacon of hope for a brighter and more sustainable future for Uganda and its women.