Insider Spills Pastor Robert Kayanja Tricks Used to Cover Up His Gay Alleged Activities

  • by ReConcepts
  • April 22, 2023


For the past 30 years, the lead Pastor of Miracle Center Cathedral, Robert Kayanja has continually been involved in allegations of sodomy rape of minors. Shockingly, despite the evident impact that these allegations could bring, the Pastor remains quiet throughout the mess. He simply states, “The Lord will fight my battles” while desperately engaging in a very ruthless and poisonous fight in the background.

Letting the Lord fight your battles certainly sounds encouraging and wise, but only if one’s not calculative and manipulative in this same effort. Pastor Kayanja pays different bloggers and social media personalities to conceal allegations raised against him. What’s also concealment is law enforcement authorities like lawyers, state attorneys and police officers, he meets discreetly to sabotage any efforts from his victims to receive justice.

For someone who is extremely vocal about other public occurrences or direct hits against him, for example his home being threatened by Lake Victoria’s water, the Alcohol/beer scandal at his home, the recent animal drug scandal with National Drug Authority, the pastor has remained mute regarding the numerous sodomy allegations against him.

It’s only right to ask, “why has Pastor Kayanja never issued any statements to refute accusations of rape or taken any of his accusers to court for defamation?” After all, they are lying and he’s innocent. Does the gift of silence only work selectively on sodomy rapes issues? He will instead use other tactics of blame and threats to other Pastors or anyone who rises to speak against his behavior and/or gives a listening ear to his traumatized victims to combat and silence them.

Recently, people like Pastor Bujingo have insisted and demanded that Pastor Kayanja come out and speak against homosexuality in general and address his alleged serial sodomy rapes, yet he continues to stay silent.
He is instead trying to answer a question the country is not asking: “Who is the pastor offering the boys spiritual support and a chamber where their voices can be echoed and heard?” An irrelevant and cunning way to take the attention off him. He’s once again diverting from taking personal responsibility and accountability, shifting the blame to third parties who are not involved at all. What a devious way to change the conversation!!

Recently, two young boys, Mapengo and Davie came out to speak about the inhumane sexual abuse Pastor Kayanja inflicted on their bodies. After Pastor Kayanja realized that the young men would become a problem to him, he neither took them to court nor asked his influential lawyers to write them for defaming him. Rather, he secretly deployed one his handlers, Pastor Makoko, Pastor Arthur, and Enock to summon the boys and “handle his situation” while “the Lord fights his battles.” If you were being accused of such heinous crimes, more detrimental than the past alcohol/beer and animal drug allegations like Pastor Kayanja is, wouldn’t you try to take the necessary legal action and address the media to rectify the case? What the pastor did instead was to manipulate his victims and bribe them with economic favors, asking them to write a list of their needs so that he can fully facilitate them for their silence.

In the attached audios, Pastor Kayanja is heard talking to the victims and convincing them to come meet him somewhere around the church. However, the boys exclaim that the meeting was only a trap to have them arrested because when they got there, the entire place was covered with special forces ready to reprimand them.

Why would someone fighting for his jealously guarded image casually talk and offer incentive to the people conniving to destroy him?