Don’t Miss The Inaugural Mental Health Run This Saturday

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • September 8, 2022

Earlier this year, it came to everyone’s attention that over 14 million Ugandans suffer from Mental Disorders. This is particularly true as we have seen many young people take their own lives in previous months.

Under the theme ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ the inaugural Mental Health Run is slated for Saturday 10th September at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds starting at 8am. 10th September is actually Suicide Prevention Day.

The run is dedicated to Suicide Prevention, survivors of suicide and for those we’ve lost due to suicide over the years.

Participants will be running or walking for three (3) kilometres in Kampala to create more awareness and reduce stigma around mental health issues with a special focus on Suicide/ death by suicide.

Afterwards, there will be more activities at the grounds including a wellness talk with mental health practitioners from public and private sector, yoga, art therapy and much more.

According to Hazel Muriro Kobusingye, a Psychologist & team leader at Mindful Conversations, one of the organizing partners, the run is aimed at causing larger and meaningful conversations around mental health.

“Our hope is that you will agree to lend us your voice through your platform and be on the right side of history as we work alongside each other to create a mentally aware and healthy Uganda,” she said.

The run is being organized by Heart to heart spaces in proud partnership with Mind bloom and Mindful Conversations (Mindful Uganda).

Mental health is the pivot of human life. However, despite its importance, it is often the least prioritized amongst health conditions.

Participation fee is 30,000ugx which comes with a running vest & candle.
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You can also Sponsor someone to run or Donate to the cause.