UMSC exonerates it’s Secretary General over land deal with Sam Kuteesa’s son in law in Sembabule


As its said in Holy book, that every sinner has his/her 40th day when the dirt and dubious actions will be exposed, Tycoon Albert Muganga is still drying off tears as his deal take the Uganda Muslim Council land in Ssembabule hit a cliff.

Muganga who doubles as Former Minister Sam Kuteesa’s Son-In-Law had for years played Muslims Ping-Pong in bid to illegally take over their 2 Square Meter ranch without following proper channels.

These rifts forced to Muslim to impeach their long serving Hajji Ramadan Mugalu after going bare knuckles with land grabbers. However after releasing the truth, the Muslim Council recently reinstated Mugalu for a job well done.

“Muslim leadership was shocked about what Hajji Ramadan Mugalu confess in Court in Masaka about 2square mile land in Sembabule. He confessed that the land was sold at 3.5 billions and the money was reinvested in real estate in Kampala to fetch monthly income since land in Ssembabule was on verge of being stolen by one Albert Muganga son in-law of KUTEESA former Long Serving Minister of Foreign Affairs.” Our Source narrated the story.

Through Haji Ramadan Mugalu’s lawyer Jude Byabakama who cross examined Albert Mugalu of Enterprise Service Handling Limited and Husband to Hon. Shartis Musherure Nayebare, Muganga revelations shocked the Muslim community hence reinstating Hajji Ramadan Mugalu for fighting and protecting Muslim property against land grabbers.

Through examining Muganga he showed He wanted to dupe supreme Moslem council by negotiating for land tenancy agreement with Ssembabule Muslim leadership yet land is under Uganda Supreme Muslim Council.

“Muganga fraudulently paid 100m for 2square miles as a tenant for 20 years with people without legal capacity to represent Muslims and later wanted to negotiate with Uganda Supreme council after failing to get land tittles, he lied to UMSC that he owned three buildings in Kampala Suburb of Nakulabye which he could use for swamping with the strategically located Ssembabule ranch.” Our source revealed adding that It was revealed in Court that said buildings were security collateral in NCBA bank and were being sold by the bank after failure to service loans.

Muganga had gotten an offer letter just but never owned a single building in Nakulabye meaning he wanted to trick the Men of Allah and take their land for free.

It was upon these revelations that Uganda Muslim Council rethought their decision and sold the land to Arthur Kayanja who had Cash and used the money to reinvest in Properties that fetch monthly income for Muslims.

“I tell you the Muslim Community was so bitter on realizing that Muganga was lying to in court to an extent of claiming that Mufti had given Ssembabule Leadership powers to reign over land issues through a letter but hen fixed before the High Court in Masaka,  Mugaga failed to read the document in court on realizing it was just an introduction letter of the Ssembabule Muslim leadership in Ssembabule to the Resident District Commissioner (RDC).” our source explained saying it’s the reason for the reinstatement of their Secretary General who had diligently protected USMC land.

Prior to this, UMSC Executive Committee chaired by Hajj Abdul Nadduli through a vote had elected Mr Muhammad Aluma to serve as acting secretary general replacing Hajj Mugalu. However upon getting the real truth about the Ssembabule land saga, Hajj Mugalu was reinstated.