FULL LIST: South Sudan’s Kiir Announces Unified Armed Forces Command

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • April 13, 2022

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has finally formed a unified armed forces command, a significant step in the implementation of the security arrangement in the September 2018 revitalized peace deal.

Kiir’s decree was read on the state-owned television (SSBC) on Tuesday.

The latest move calmed down fears over repeated delays and stalemates over the power-sharing arrangements in the military leadership positions.

On April 3, the peace parties signed an agreement mediated by Sudan government to end a stalemate over the military command structures.

The deal allocates 60% representation to the (SPLM) and the remaining 40% to other armed groups with fighters to be integrated into the army

The unified command, according to the peace deal, will be leading the unified armed forces in as stipulated in the September 2018 agreement.

Below is the full list of the unified command structure of the army:

Lt. Gen. Santino Deng Wool – Chief of Defense Forces (CDF)

Lt. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam – Deputy Chief of Defense Forces

Lt. Gen. Koang Gatkuoth Kerjok – Inspector General

Lt Gen. Thoy Chany Reat – Assistant CDF for Operations

Lt. Gen Peter Dor Majur- Cdr Sector to Malakal

Lt. Gen. James Koang Chul- Assistant CDF for Training and Research

Lt. Gen. Stephen Marshal Babanen- Chief of Military Intelligence

Lt. Gen. Malual Majok- Assistant CDF for Administration and Finance

Lt. Gen. Ernest Dut Wol- Director for Procurement

Lt. Gen. Al-Tayib Gatluak –Director for Military Production

Lt. Gen. Thiik Achiek- Commander of Ground Forces

Lt. Rabi Majung Emmanuel- Commander of Air Force

Lt. Gen. Wesley Welebe Samson – Assistant CDF for Logistics

Lt. Gen. Ashab Khamis Fahal – Assistant CDF for Moral Orientation

Lt Gen. Garang Ayii Akol- Commander for Riverine units

The unified command structure of the National Police Service

Lt. Gen. Benjamin John Batisto – Assistant IGP for Social Welfare

Lt. Gen. James Duop Gatleak Koryom- Assistant IGP for Training

Lt. Gen. Peter Gasango – Assistant IGP for Medical Services

Lt. Gen. Dr. Olaw Adiang Nyijok – Assistant IGP for Borders Police

The unified command structure of the National Security Service

Lt. Gen. Akol Koor Kuch- Director-General of the Internal Security Bureau

Lt. Gen. Yiei Dak Wiu – Deputy Director-General for Intelligence Operations

Lt. Gen. Louis Natale – Deputy Director-General for Administration and Finance

Lt. Gen. Simon Yien Makuac – Director-General of the General Intelligence Bureau

Lt. Gen. Khalid Botrous Bora – Deputy Director of the General Intelligence Bureau

Gen Gregory Deng Kuch –Deputy Director for Finance and Administration at the General Intelligence Bureau

The unified command structure of the National Wildlife Service

Lt. Gen. Khamis Adiang – Director-General

Lt. Gen. Pur Tach Chak – Deputy Director-General

The unified command structure of the National Prisons Service

Lt. Gen. Henry Kuany Agwar- Director-General

Lt. Gen. John Jok Gai – Deputy Director-General

The unified command structure of the National Civil Defense Service

Lt. Gen. Jameson Stephen Lupai – Commissioner

Lt. Gen. Stephen Pal Kun Keak – Deputy Commissioner.