Lango District Leaders Ask Youth to Maintain Peace as The Country Mourns Fallen Speaker Oulanyah

  • by Dennis Ola
  • March 23, 2022

Lango District Speakers Association has called on the youth to advocate for peace as the country mourns the demise of the speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah.

“It is sad that some people are inciting the youth to become chaotic over the cause of his death,” the association’s chairman Mr Kenneth Owa Omara said.

According to him, this follows several accounts circulating on social media explaining unconfirmed causes of Mr Oulanyah’s death in a US hospital, Sunday.

Lira District Council speaker Mr Morris Adem condemned “those who want to bring back insecurity in this country after the death of the Omoro County legislator.”

“That is un-acceptable and I would advise those inciting the youths not to try because time will come for them to be held responsible,” Adem said.

Mr Adem said that the people of Uganda’s northern region suffered a lot during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group insurgencies and wished the country never returned to such dark days.

“People have died in this country; from the West, North and Eastern among other regions and such incitement should not happen,” Mr Adem said.

Mr Owa who is also the Alebtong District Council speaker had earlier said that the deceased who was the patron of Uganda District Speakers Association will be missed.

“We are angered by the demise of Oulanya. He was a father, a true patriot and a God fearing person. His successor’s election should be guided by God,” Mr Owa told journalists at Lira City Council hall on Monday evening.

The speakers’ fraternity in Lango sub-region have also vowed “to counteract those negative sentiments.”

Mr Patrick Okwir the Secretary General of Uganda Urban Speakers Association also denounced violence, days after speculation went up over the cause of Mr Olanya’s death. His family alleged poisoning while government is urging the public to stay calm.