Enlight Institute Has Partnered With The Signify Foundation, Signify ENVenture And RAA to Distribute Philips Lights to Rural Areas

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • November 10, 2021

On Tuesday at their offices in Naalya. Enlight Institute Uganda announced a partnership with Signify, ENVenture, and RAA – one of the official distributors of Philips lighting in Uganda to carry out a mass drive delivering affordable lighting solutions to rural areas while developing the local capacity for last-mile distribution.

The purpose of this partnership is to effectively deliver Bright Dada project objective,
which is to work with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) with the end goal of
livelihood opportunity development and increased access to clean technology lighting in
underserved, hard-to-reach communities in rural centres of Uganda.

This partnership fosters a women/youth-led and clean energy distribution model to ensure sustainable and affordable lighting for the last mile consumer.

Fifteen heads of CBOs from different regions in Uganda will receive free training plus a
Philips lighting starter kit on 18th November 2021. Enlight Institute with support from
ENventure will provide training, mentorship and coaching in key areas of sales, marketing,
customer service, branding and record keeping as well as product knowledge.

This will create a trickle-down effect and create sales jobs for the people they support hence
spurring community development -and in turn, the CBOs will support the distribution of
eco-friendly and affordable lighting in the areas they operate.

In addition to that, renowned Musician Lamu who also doubles as Miss Earth Uganda
2021, has been chosen as RAA’s Sanitary Pads ambassador, Stay Easy and True Clean.

Also, as a Community Projects Coordinator at Enlight Institute, she will be able to continue
her work in the pro-environment and sexual reproductive health sector by delivering and
distributing biodegradable pads to the less fortunate in the rural areas of Uganda.

The above are all just the tip of the iceberg of what the partnership has in stock regarding
the promotion of sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly solutions to people in the rural
areas of Uganda.