Detonated Bomb Discovered in Sembabule Forest

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • October 28, 2021

The police counter-terrorism unit and bomb squad personnel on Wednesday rushed to Nakasagazi village, Kasongi parish in Kawanda sub-country, Sembabule to retrieve a bomb that was discovered in a forest.

It is reported that children who had gone to collect firewood, saw the unexploded rusty projectile which had been abandoned for some time.

The naïve youngsters took it to a butcher who chose to use it to weigh beef – unaware of what it was and the danger it posed to him and other community members.

Fortunately, one of the keen residents saw it and informed the local authorities in time for immediate action. According to Ben Lubega, the Nakasagazi LC I chairman, they immediately informed the police and the army to take over the situation.

He explains that they did not know that such a deadly weapon existed in their community. Muhammad Nsubuga confirmed that the bomb squad from Kampala has cordoned off the area, retrieved the projectile, and later detonated it from a safer area.

Community members have been urged to report any suspicious objects to the authorities for safety. He further appealed to the public to emphasize neighbourhood watch to identify and report suspicious objects and people that may cause danger to their communities.

The development comes at the time when Uganda is faced with a terror threat after two separate bombs exploded at an eating point in Komamboga and on a bus, killing two people and injuring several others.