Bars, Schools Remain Closed as President Museveni Opens Places of Worship

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • September 23, 2021

President Museveni on Wednesday ordered for the reopening of places of worship but with strict adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to avoid further spread of coronavirus.

“Places of worship can now open under strict guidelines like; limiting the number to 200 people and adhering to all other SOPs in place,” he said.

The president also allowed for the increase in the number of people attending weddings and other social events to 200, while casinos, gaming, betting shops, and gyms were allowed to operate during the day and close by 6pm.

“The number of people attending weddings and other social events can now be increased to 200 people under strict observance of SOPs. Casinos, gaming, betting shops, and gyms can now operate during the day and close by 6pm. The RDCs much ensure that the guidelines are enforced,” he said.

He also allowed weekly and monthly markets to open with strict adherence to SOPs.

Mr Museveni, however, kept other sectors closed, reasoning that the number of people already vaccinated is still too low and therefore cannot risk reopening them.

“The 4.8 million priority population including teachers should first get vaccinated before we can open schools. Post-secondary institutions to open with effect from November 1, 2021, on the condition that all teachers and non-teaching staff are vaccinated. The rest of the learning institutions will open in January 2022,” he said.

To date, out of the targeted 550,000 teachers, 269,945 have already received the 1st dose of vaccination while 96,653 have received the second dose. This leaves a total of 280,055 not yet vaccinated at all.

“Concerts, disco halls, bars, and other leisure hubs stay closed until after over 4.8m priority groups of people (health workers, teachers, security personnel, and elderly persons) are fully vaccinated,” Mr Museveni added.

The president maintained curfew time between 7pm and 5am and Boda Boda movement time at 6pm.“I, therefore, direct responsible leaders at the district level (Resident District Commissioners, Chief Administrative Officers, District Health Officers, and others) to carry out mobilization for all eligible groups to go for vaccination. If medicines get expired in your area, I will deal with you,” Mr Museveni said.