2gule Changes Twitter Spaces Experience, Offers Cash to Fans For Supporting The Brand

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • July 13, 2021

On Monday, a renowned solution-based company, 2gule gave out cash to fans thanking them for supporting the brand and also knowing major facts about the company.

The company gave out cash prizes to over 10 Twitter fans that engaged in their Space and quiz through the hashtag #About2gule. Through this campaign, tweeps won Ugx.20,000 for each correct answer they gave – this was on a first-come basis and the first answer was considered.

The winners received their prizes through mobile money because of the current wave of Covid that has taken the world by storm, but I bet 2gule would have thrown them a party.

Over the period of the first year, 2gule has become the only trusted company that ships authentic merchandise from the UK and US and pocket-friendly prices. The company prides itself on authenticity and consumer satisfaction.

The 2GULE platform is here to help you buy what you want, when you want, at the best price & have it delivered straight to you in Uganda. There is no need to give up & settle for counterfeit products on the market because you can’t get what you want from the USA, UK or Canada so get around shipping restrictions once and for all.

How 2Gule works

Go online & look for the products you want to buy, and then visit the 2Gule website www.2gule.com where you can send them a link to your product or just a simple description of the items you want to buy from stores in the USA, UK & Canada.

Afterwards, they will send you a quotation with the total cost including; Cost of product, shipping costs, and taxes on arrival. After which, you can then pay 60% of the total price for which they buy, ship & pay taxes on arrival, all in under 14-21 days upon receiving the goods at their 2GULE warehouse in the US.

You can then pay the 40% after receiving your product from #2gule. You receive an email you as soon as your purchased goods have arrived at their offices in the US and you can then either choose to let them know whether you want them delivered to you when they get to Uganda, or to pick them up from their offices at Kirabo Complex, Level 2, room 222.

In the event that you already bought your goods OR have items still stuck in the USA/UK or Canada, they can still help you ship them into Uganda, pay the customs fees and deliver them safely to you. Their fees range from $10 per pound of weight (includes shipping fees & tax on arrival), the cheapest on market at the moment.