UNTOLD STORY: Why is The Country Quiet About What is Happening in Karamoja?

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • June 29, 2021

The old saying, “we shall not wait for Karamoja to develop” seems to be taking shape today as whatever is happening in Karamoja sub-region is totally ignored.

In Karamoja, residents are now more afraid of dying by a bullet than they are of the novel coronavirus pandemic as castle rustling is on an all time high.

Early this week, this website received an anonymous tip from a source in Karamoja that suggests that many people in the region are losing their lives due to cattle rustling that has over the past few weeks become a major concern in the region.

According to our source, all cattle are taken and the owners killed by the attackers just like in an attack that happened last week that left two badly injured.

“The raid took place some 300 meters away from UPDF 39 bn quarter guard yesterday at night in Lobongia parish, Kaabong and two boy’s were injured by gun shots,” our source intimated.

“One boy was shot on the right side of the chest but doctors in Matany are still trying to do their level best to save his life,” he added.

It should be remembered that Government carried out the disarmament in Karamoja between 2001 and 2010. More than 40,000 illegal arms were recovered from locals, bringing to an end the armed cattle raids until last year. Locals say renewed cattle raids among different ethnic groups are likely to reverse the current economic growth and cause a lot of death.

However, about four weeks ago, over 17 people were shot dead in revenge cattle raids in Karamoja.

According to leaders, the cattle raids are on the increase and more lives will be lost if the government does not intervene. It’s also absurd that the LDUs that were placed in the region to maintain law and order are instead the perpetrators of all this violence.

The question however is – why are we as a country giving a blind eye to whatever is happening in Karamoja?


One of the two boys that was shot

Fighting for Cattle, could also mean fighting for your life