David Kamukama: The Looming Lockdown and Possible Deathtrap

The country is on tenterhooks. The COVID 19 infections and fatalities have surged up in recent times, the economy is limping. People are living on *daily hand to mouth*

There is a lot of fear that once the President speaks today, he may against his choice and wishes impose a total lockdown.

*Lockdown and Starvation*
From the time, the President imposed a seemingly partial lock down, there has increased awareness and self adherance to the COVID 19 Pestilence. There is an improvement in observance of Standard Operation Procedures set by the Ministry of Health. The citizenry has appreciated the existence of the pestilence and in addition to going for vaccination, have embarked on several ways of boosting immunity in readiness to confront the disease.

However it should be noted that the economy is struggling. Most of the white collar jobs employees both in public and private practice have been virtually rendered redundant. Atleast a few people who work *balance the boat* though through a hardway

The informal sector and business sector will be hit badly. The wanainchi will face it hard. Many people are sick and the many contacts are already in the public domain. A lockdown will make people stay home, with little or no food yet COVID patients need to eat well to build immunity. People will not get means to hospitals with a weak ambulance system.

Your Excellency, the country, I know you must be conflicted and disturbed by the situation. You love your people and want them free yet you need to save them through necessary restrictions.

The scientists need you to lockdown the country like yesterday yet you are mindful that your people may starve to death. Its unfortunate to defeat COVID and lose people to starvation. We entreat you, our President that we concentrate more on observance and enforcement of SOPs.

Its my humble observation that there is a need to add non-scientists on the team with economists and sociologists on the team to address the non-.scientific aspects and effects of the pandemic.

By Kamukama David,

The author is a Lawyer, social justice advocate, social justice commentator and a Pan- Africanst