DPP Withdraws Charges Against Former NAGRIC Boss Dr Charles Lagu

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • May 19, 2021



The former executive director of National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Databank, Dr. Lagu has this morning been declared a freeman.

“This serves to inform court that the Directorate of Public Prosecution has decided to discontinue proceeding against A1. Dr. Charles Lagu, A2 Olivious Kamujuni” The DPP Jane Francis Abodo wrote.

This announcement was revealed at the anti-corruption court where the charges against Lagu were better described as baseless and false.

According to his lawyer Kamukama David, its awesome that Justice has prevailed at last.

“From the beginning the case was a none starter and they was no evidence to support the chargers. However I’m disappointed that it took longer yet the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) by 6th August 2020 had already made her mind to discontinue the proceedings.”

Dr. Lagu together with his co-accused Ms. Olivious Kamujuni were wrongfully and brutally arrested early last year by the State House Anti-corruption unit detained for a number of days without appearing before court.

They were later charged with four counts of abuse of office, causing financial loss and conspiracy to defraud.

Dr Charles Lagu said the officers have been forcing him to report at their city offices every week, which is illegal, and has caused suffering to him and his family.

“Through my legal representatives, I was granted bail by the Anti-Corruption Court after 10 days on remand at Kitalya Prison. It is, however, disheartening and confusing for the very case I was granted bail on by Anti-Corruption Court is still the same matter the State House Anti-Corruption Unit has persistently demanded me to report to their office,” Dr Lagu said as he pinned the State House Anti-Corruption Unit of harassment.

It should be noted that his arrest and illegal detention caused a lot of mixed reactions Ugandans wondered why Dr. Lagu was getting interdicted from office even before investigations were conducted.

His lawyer, Mr David Kamukama, said he was also subjected to arrest and detention when he escorted his client to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit.

“They also confiscated my phones and I could not do my duties as a lawyer while giving legal representative to my client. If they don’t stop the harassment, I will not escort my client to their offices,” Mr Kamukama said.