President betrayed by people around him

  • by Guest Writer
  • April 20, 2021

*By Jannette Mugisha*

Who reported me to FB? I think I KNOW:

My first story will be about the President’s handlers at State House. The real opposition resides in the big man’s household. I will be telling you exactly the following:

1. Why the President’s Pledges are NEVER fulfilled and where they might be.

2. Who grabs your briefs/letters/Memos and how they end up at an office at President’s office (belive me most Members of Parliament, Ministers and the Public is suffering.

3. Who is responsible of leaking President’s letters and his program (to whom it may concern and on Social media)

4. Who is diverting your Switch board calls and why they never get to the Head of State.

5. Why H.E’s Promises to individuals are never fulfilled and who exactly has your money.

Put a bullet in my head either way the truth will come out. I dedicated my last 1month trying to find out exactly how these handlers manipulate the President and esp poor Ugandans who never get their scholarships, they call and someone else responds and lies to them how H.E has directed them to ring you back. Why H.E offers you HELP or solves your problems, land issues and you never get anything legalised, How most of you with Presidential gifts like houses may end up with fake land titles and fake log books. (Because handlers actually own these proerties)

H.E’s problems are right under his nose. Some people somewhere are worth billions when most people are suffering.

To be continued with details. A promise is debt hold these people in charge responsible and demand what was given to you…