Stampede as Man flogs effigy amid anti-Museveni leaflets

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • February 15, 2021

Police has arrested a man along Kampala Road after he was found flogging an effigy of a person he accuses of engaging in election malpractice.

Holding a stick and a loudspeaker, the man dressed in a black T-shirt, kept caning the effigy and stating that, “he should be punished for the crimes he has committed.”

The effigy was dressed in a black suit and a green hat that looks like that of President Museveni.

Man flogging the effigy (Daily Monitor photos)

Police officers seized it and were seen dragging it behind them on the streets.

Anti-Museveni leaflets

Last week, police in Masaka arrested two people for allegedly circulating leaflets with messages ‘demeaning’ the person of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

The pink-colored leaflets with Museveni’s cross-stroked-picture started circulating last week in the Masaka City metropolitan.

The leaflets were also inscribed with messages branding Museveni a dictator and castigating his administration for failing to end poverty, nepotism, extrajudicial killings, and human rights abuse.


Police seizes the effigy

A few days after the Masaka incident, unidentified people dropped leaflets in Kabale district in western Uganda calling for an immediate end to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s 35-year rule.

The leaflets were dropped in Kabale town in Kigongi along Kabale-Mbarara highway, Kabale taxi park, along Coryndon road and Keita road in the Central division, Mukinyabwooya in Northern division and Kirigime in Southern division, Kabale municipality.

The leaflets first appeared on the streets and were picked up by security as exhibits.

The leaflets carry a crossed-out portrait of Museveni and messages branding him as a dictator and promoter of poverty, nepotism, extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses.

They also carry a message declaring that “Enough is enough”, which is also translated in Luganda and Swahili.

The leaflets also call on the people of Kabale to stop sending food and starve the people in the central region who they say are keen on keeping Museveni in power.

Salim Hamis, the Kirigime Ward National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairperson in Southern Division in Kabale the municipality in unhappy with the leaflets, saying elections concluded, and Museveni has been duly elected for another term in office.

He says that the leaflets condemning Museveni’s rule are unnecessary since he was voted by the majority of Ugandans in the just concluded presidential elections.

Maurice Mugenga Keitaba, the Kabale district NRM returning officer, says the leaflets are uncalled for because they are aimed at inciting hatred against Museveni who was voted by the majority. Keitaba says there is need for NRM leaders in the district to work with security to identify those behind the leaflets.

Brian Ampeire, the Kabale district police commander, says they have commenced investigations to find those behind the leaflets and their motives.

He, however, says that they suspect that the leaflets could be the handiwork of opposition politicians who lost in the recent elections.