Polling Day for Residual Local Government Councils Elections

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • February 7, 2021


The Electoral Commission conducted Local Government Councils Elections countrywide for City/District Chairpersons and Councillors; Municipality and City Division Chairpersons and Councillors; Councillors representing Special Interest Groups to District/City Local Government Councils; and Sub County/Town/Municipal Division Chairpersons and Councillors.

However, some electoral areas in different parts of the country were not able to conduct or conclude the elections due to various reasons.

Accordingly, the Electoral Commission has appointed Monday 8th February 2021 as the polling date for the conduct of residual Local Government Councils Elections in the affected electoral areas across the country where the said elections were not conducted or concluded.

A schedule of the affected electoral areas has been uploaded on the Electoral Commission website www.ec.or.ug and publicised through local media in each respective district.

The Commission calls upon political parties, candidates, their agents and registered voters in the affected electoral areas to turn up in big numbers and participate in the above electoral activity in accordance with the guidelines for the elections of the respective positions.

Furthermore, all persons participating in the above residual elections shall be required to comply with guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Government of Uganda and Ministry of Health measures against the spread of COVID-19.

This includes observing social distancing, hand washing, and wearing of face masks.