Business Men Sekamwa, Merlot Bashizi Trash $3.8m Gold Scam Allegations

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • February 22, 2021


City business men Andrew Sekamwa, Merlot Jacob Bashizi and Caleb Tumwesigye  have distanced themselves from the popular $3.8m Gold scam that has been making rounds on social media for last one week by people whose interests remain unknown.

According to Sekamwa, these numerous allegations making rounds on numerous media platforms are baseless and should be treated with disregard.

Sekamwa believes that all this is being done by business competitors who want to win contracts from some of these clients through tarnishing his name and reputation.

“Am not really bothered by all these malicious driven content which can’t distract us from progressing with our careers” Ssekamwa said.

For the last two weeks social media has been awash of a thread of claims portraying the trio (Andrew Sekamwa, Merlot Jacob Bashiza And Caleb Tumwesigye ) as extortionists that have accumulated wealth through dubious ways.