Government Extends Period or Transitioning to New Passports Over COVID19

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • January 8, 2021

Government has revealed that it has extended the use of machine readable passports.

Through a notice, government gave an update about the transition from old machine readable passports to e-passports, a process that started in 2018 and was slated to be complete by 31st January 2021.

However, due to the restrictions that have been brought about by COVID-19 Pandemic, the deadline for phase of Machine-Readable Passports couldn’t be achieved.

“We would like to notify the public of the decision to extend the phase out period from 31st January 2021 to 4th April 2022.”

“The Government of the Republic of Uganda wishes to inform all citizens that the Machine-Readable Passports will continue to be used as a valid travel document alongside the new International e-Passport until 4th April 2022.”

Citizens have been encouraged to take note of the changes.

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