EC Publishes Final Results for Presidential Elections 2021

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • January 28, 2021

The Electoral Commission conducted Presidential Elections on Thursday 14th January 2021. By law, the results for Presidential Elections must be declared within 48 hours from the closure of polls. The polls closed at 4:00pm on Thursday 14th January and the forty-eight hours expired at 4:00pm on Saturday 16th January 2021.

The provisional results of the Presidential Elections were announced cumulatively in the order in which they were being received, leading to a declaration by the Electoral Commission, based on the total number of thirty-three thousand four hundred and sixty-one (33,461) polling stations, which had been duly received and verified before the expiry of the 48 hours.

These stations account for 96.47% of the total number of polling stations (34,684) across the country.

The declaration met the legal requirements of Section 57(4) of the Presidential Elections Act, which provides that a candidate shall be declared as President if he/she has obtained more than fifty percent (50%) of the valid votes cast at the election.

The candidate who was declared as winner obtained more than 50% of the total votes cast at the election.

The Commission considered the fact that the difference in votes obtained by the leading candidate and first runner up would not have a significant effect on the final results even if all the voters from the remaining one thousand two hundred and twenty-three (1,223) polling stations, totaling to six hundred ninety-four thousand two hundred and twenty-nine (694,229) voters were added to the first runner up.

The Electoral Commission has since received and tallied the results of the remaining polling stations.

Accordingly, the final summary of Presidential Elections Results is as follows:

Registered Voters: 18,103,603
Total No. of Polling Stations: 34,684
Total No. of Polling Stations Received: 34,601 (99.76% of total polling stations)
 Candidates’ Names Votes %
Amuriat Oboi Patrick 337,589 3.26% of valid votes cast for candidates
Kabuleeta Kiiza Joseph 45,424 0.44%
Kalembe Nancy Linda 38,772 0.37%
Katumba John 37,554 0.36%
Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu 3,631,437 35.08%
Mao Norbert 57,682 0.56%
Mayambala Willy 15,014 0.15%
Mugisha Muntu Gregg 67,574 0.65%
Mwesigye Fred 25,483 0.25%
Tumukunde Henry Kakurugu 51,392 0.50%
Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta 6,042,898 58.38%
Valid Votes 10,350,819
Invalid Votes 393,500 3.66% of Total Votes Cast
Total Votes 10,744,319 59.35% of Registered Voters
Spoilt Votes 29,913

The Commission wishes to inform Ugandans that the results of eighty-three (83) polling stations, with a total number of fifty-four thousand three hundred and fifty-seven (54,357) registered voters, were not included in the final tally due to various reasons that include:

  1. Allegations of ballot stuffing, that gave rise to violence and destruction of the voting materials at the polling station;
  2. Grabbing of polling materials during the polling process;
  3. Grabbing of polling materials during the counting process, including envelopes containing elections results forms;
  4. Declaration of Results (DR) Forms missing in the results envelopes and the metallic black box;
  5. Total votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters for the polling stations;
  6. Acts of hooliganism and violence during the counting, leading to grabbing of polling materials by unknown persons;

A copy of the summary of the Presidential Elections Results, the City/District summary tally sheet, and a soft copy of the tally sheet of results per Polling Station, has been provided to all Presidential Candidates.

The above copies have also been uploaded on the Electoral Commission website:, and will be published in the Uganda Gazette.

The Electoral Commission has further finalized ascertaining and compiling the results of Parliamentary Elections and will publish the results in the Gazette in accordance with the Law.

The Electoral Commission wishes to congratulate the people of Uganda on exercising their constitutional rights and participating in the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections held on 14th January 2021, and the Local Government Councils elections held to date.