URA On spot Over Nepotism Strides, Relatives swim in Juicy jobs without interviews


Though President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has for years echoed a strong voice against favoritism, nepotism and corruption in government recruitments, a number of senior officers continue to pull the Fountain of Honour’s efforts into the mud.

Government’s tax body, the Uganda Revenue Authority has again bounced back to the world of scandals following the recent unfair recruitment that has seen highly connected people from a certain region swimming in Juicy jobs without undergoing the requisite procedure.

News reaching our desk indicates that at the helm of this conspiracy is Ms. Loy Tumusiime the Uganda Revenue Authority Board Member and Ms. Rubagumya Emily Patience a Commissioner Legal services and Board Affairs.

According to our sources, the duo, better described as ‘more dangerous than Aids and Ebola Combined’ have mastered the art of frustrating energetic and patriotic souls from others regions.

Its said that said that the duo have connived against one Mwangala Mugabi Joseph, a Mugisu from Eastern Uganda to create a gap for the daughter to their close ally.

This comes barely two weeks after the duo has syndicated a job for a one Kyambadde Nazziwa Ishta who took over the office without interviews on 2nd November.

Nazziwa is daughter to Amelia Kyambadde, the Cabinet Minister for Trade, Industries and Cooperatives who is also said to have laid a fertile ground for Ms. Loy to feature on the URA board.

Minister Kyambadde’ daughter is now Assistant Commission Administration and comfortably swinging in the juicy air conditioned office not on a leveled ground.

Its revealed that Mwangala Mugabi Joseph’s initial contract ends on 31st December as a custom it’s supposed to be renewed for more 5 years but him being  that he is from Masaba land , he isn’t  favoured  by Loy  Tumusiime  and Rubagumya Emily Patience who have already allegedly ring-fenced for another Westerner called Mrs. Mwesigye Kasheka.

“As far as I know, Mwagala has been one of the most hardworking and passionate staff at URA, but his contract is likely not to get renewed becuase he has no godfather here. The same fate happened to Ms. Robinah Nakakawa from Luweero who was also sidelined by the same gang. Nakakawa was an assistant commissioner interal audit, but now is out and there is no doubt, that Mugisu youngman will be sacrificed for another Munyankole to rise.” Our source at URA narrated.

Because of connections, Mrs. Rubagumya and Mrs Tumusiime Loy have gathered a Lot of influence and are alleged that the duo is currently being used by outsiders to influence URA decisions something that has frustrated agencies senior management.

This story will be continued next week we shall be profiling the fearless combination of the two ladies from Western Uganda.