Rwenzururu Kingdom Adherents Arrested for Supporting Bobi Wine  

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • December 9, 2020

Tension has once again bounced back in the Mountain Rwenzori ranges based cultural institution, Rwenzururu Kingdom of King Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma.


News reaching our desk indicates that a number of Rwenzururu Kingdom devotees are living under fear following the continued attacks and intimidation by security operatives.


Officials including the former Prime Minister Thembo Johnson Kitsumbire, Yolamu Mulima and Ms. Lucy Kabanyoro’s homes occasionally been rounded up by armed officers accusing them of nothing but their role into political activism.


“The Prime Minister is not allowed to move anywhere regardless of the fact that he was granted bail on medical grounds. His home is Kasese is now abandoned and a number of his relatives have since then sought refuge in neighboring Congo.” A source told this website.


On allegations of the former Defense Minister in Museveni’s government Dr. Chripus Kiyonga, who is currently serving as the country’s envoy to China, the above mentioned officials have also been linked to supporting government’s biggest opponent Bobi Wine and the ADF rebel group in Eastern Congo.


Kiyonga further accuses the officials for using money received from relatives and donors living in the diaspora to fund anti-government activities in the Rwenzori region.


One among the mentioned people is Gumisiriza Pascal, a relative to Kitsumbire who is allegedly supposed to be arrested on his return back home for sending huge sums of money to some of the questionable kingdom officials.

Gumisiriza Pascal, one of those being accused to sending money to support opposition activities in the region.


It should be noted that Ms. Lucy Kabanyoro is one of the few women in Kasese district who have strongly stood firm to opposed Museveni’s leadership. She also contested against Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga in 2011 in Bukonzo West Parliamentary race, a move that has since then spread bad blood between the two leaders. Kabanyoro is now King Mumbere’s senior advisor.


The incident is happening in the wake of the US sanctions against top army officers like AIGP Sabiti Mzeei, Gen. Peter Elweru among others accused of playing an active role in the attacks on the Rwenzururu Kingdom.