President Museveni Launches 73Bn Mukono North Sub Station

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • December 30, 2020

Yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni launched a new multibillion Mukono North power transmission substation in Mbalala, near Kampala.

The President said the UGX72.5 billion power station would help spur industrialization and job creation.

The substation is expected to provide reliable power supply to more than 75 factories in the Mukono Industrial Zone, currently employing an estimated 62,000 people.

“The commissioning of the substation is part of the big plans to transform Uganda,” the President said.

State minister for energy Hon Simon D’Ujanga said the new substation was part of the electrification of industrial parks project meant to ensure reliable power to industrial parks. D’Ujanga said several other sub stations have been built in Mbale, Kasese, Masese, Kapeeka, Kaweweta, and Kabale where industrial parks are being established.

Under the programme, four substations are to be built in Luzira, Namanve, Iganga and Mukono with funding worth $100 million from China Exim Bank.

D‘Ujanga said the Mukono substation will step down 132KV which be evacuated by Umeme through 13 lines to factories in Mukono.

Umeme Managing Director Selestino Babungi, said the utility has already spent $3.4 million in constructing evacuation lines to link the facility with industrial consumers in Mbalala, Mukono District to Katosi, 40 kilometres away, Mpata and within Mbalala.

Umeme integration line from the UETCL Mukono North Substation supplying power to the industrial areas of Mbala and Mpata (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Babungi said the investment was completed and will provide National Water’s Katosi water pumping station, Tian Tang, and Kampala Cement Factory, among other industrial consumers of power, with reliable and quality power.

The line to Katosi will boost water supply to Kampala City and its environs because National Water will then have a complementary source to the Ggaba water treatment station.

Babungi said they have integrated Mukono North substation with the distributor’s Muniko–Lugazi substation to provide feeding options in an event that one substation develops a faulty, the industries will be supplied from alternative substation to enable manufacturers to produce uninterrupted.

“Now Muniko will pick power from a nearer source, which will contribute in the reduction of technical energy losses.

Previously, Muniko-Lugazi was relying on Namanve North substation, up to 38 kilometres away,” Babungi explained, adding that, “Now that it will mainly draw power from Mukono North, the demand on the Namanve North substation will reduce, which should impact on the quality and reliability of supply to those who still rely on it.”