Gen Tumukunde Leaves Empty Campaign Venue in Kitgum

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • December 2, 2020

 Presidential Candidate Gen Henry Tumukunde Kakurugu on Tuesday left his supporters in Kitgum Municipality disappointed after he abandoned the venue booked for his campaign.

Gen Tumukunde was meant to address his supporters from Boma playground in Kitgum Municipality where he was allowed by the district security committee.

He held his first successful campaign meeting in the district earlier in Akado village in Labongo Akwang Sub County.

Led by Boda-Boda and taxi operators at around 4 pm, Gen Tumukunde drove to Kitgum Municipality for the second campaign meeting but briefly engaged in a road drive at Akurukwe Market in Central Division, ostensibly to attract crowds. He also diverted to Kitgum Main Bus Park in an attempt to speak to locals but his plan was foiled by Tommy Eyaku, the Kitgum District Police Commander.

But Eyaku who commanded anti-riot Police officers led Gen Tumukunde away from the busy urban center accompanied by a handful of boda-boda riders to his campaign venue.

He, however, stopped at the entrance of the empty playground briefly without stepping out of his car and told the few locals gathered outside the venue that he is time-constrained before driving to Pader district.

“We have been offered a beautiful space, but we have limited time,” Gen Tumukunde told his supporters.

A section of locals within Kitgum Municipality who spoke to Uganda Radio Network however expressed displeasure with Gen Tumukunde’s decision to leave without addressing them.

Emmanuel Toga, a resident of Kitgum Municipality says he had wanted to listen to the key priorities of Gen Tumukunde.

Toga says it’s important for presidential candidates to get time off their busy schedules and speak to the voters to inform of a better choice of the leader they need for the country. 

Daniel Oroma, Kitgum Municipal Council Speaker says voters have been deprived of their rights to make informed decisions especially if someone who wants to lead the country fails to address them.

He alleges that the heavy presence of police whenever a potential opposition presidential candidate visits the district to campaign scares away people from attending their campaigns.

Alfred Olanya, a Boda Boda Taxi Operator in Kitgum Municipality says Gen Tumukunde should have sacrificed his time for the few people who turned up at the venue to share his vision for the country. 

In Pajule town council in Pader district, Gen. Tumukunde rallied his supporters to vote for him arguing that he is the change that Uganda needs.

“You need to come out on the 14th of January 2020 and vote to change your situation. I know Pader very well since I participated in fighting the LRA war in northern Uganda, therefore you can trust me,” says Gen. Tumukunde.

His attempt to address people in Pader Town Council was however blocked by the police who drove him out after arriving past the campaign time at 6:30 pm.