33 Moroto Prison Escapees Re-arrested as 12 Are Gunned Down

The Uganda Prison Services has disclosed that at least 33 of the 219 escapees from Moroto prison have been rearrested and taken back to the prisons.

Speaking to the media, Frank Baine, the prisons spokesperson disclosed that 12 of the escapees were killed during the effort to re-arrest them. He did not elaborate further.

“Prisons have so far re arrested 33 prisoners,12 are dead and 2 were picked from Kampala last week,” he said.

Baine said that those who were re-arrested will be taken to court as soon as possible.

“The hunt is on. We are very proud that the community is providing information regarding those who escaped. We are so grateful for their cooperation. Criminality is not a one day thing,” he said.

During the escape, 219 prisoners are said to have runaway triggering panic in the community and within the Moroto district leadership.

Baine, said at the time, 30 inmates and four officers had previously tested positive for Covid-19 and that had prompted the prisons authority to take samples of all the inmates and staff for testing.

At the time of their escape, results of the tests had not yet returned but all the inmates were under quarantine.

Blaine revealed that they are in the final stage of shortlisting the new recruits and the list will be out to the public as soon as possible.

“Those who have been shortlisted will be called in person to come for further interviews, However don’t give away money to anyone as a bribed,” he warned.

Security agencies led by Uganda People’s Defense Forces have arrested a man linked to the September Moroto Prison jail break.

He was identified as Samuel Abura, a resident of Nadunget sub county in Moroto district.

The arrest brings to 33, the number of prisoners so far apprehended after the jail break on September 17, 2020.