Arua Main Market Will Be West Nile’s New Goldmine – Residents Praise Dott Services Works

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • August 28, 2020


The ongoing magnificent works at the 40 Billion Arua Main Market have continued instilling hope of overcoming poverty in West Nile.

The market that will soon be home to over 4600 businesses is nearing completion a move that has made Arua residents get sleepless nights as they wait to comfy in a world class business arena.

According to Akol Farid Khalid a small scale business man and a resident of Arua City said that the Dott Services contracted project is expected to become West Nile’s new Goldmine since it comes with shrubberies of economic empowerment.

“Since we don’t have plenty of oil and other minerals like Hoima and Karamoja, we as the people of Arua, this is our goldmine. We look forward to utilizing this facility so that we can get out of poverty.” Khalid said.

Interviewing Project Quatity Control Surveyor, Hudson Mayombwe, Dott services partnered with Sadeem al-kuwait, to erect this amazing project that is nearing completion.

Hudson Mayombwe explaining

The African Development Bank  (ADB) market project that started in February 2018 is has an aim to serve areas of modern day Congo and the nearby districts like Koboko, Maracha among others.

“The construction works are at 90 per cent with only a few construction works left to have the market into operation. The market will facilitate inter-community and inter-state trade and it will enable at least 4,600 businesses to flourish in the west Nile region of Arua,” he said during a media tour this week.

“The main building and market have enhanced futures for example: Four emergency exits incase of any fire, an underground water tank that is filled with rain water, there is a daycare center for women with infants, toilets for the disabled people and a floor run on solar to increase light inside the ground floor of the building. The market will be able to accommodate many types of businesses for example: Fish stalls, clothing and Textiles, boutiques and fabrics, poultry sellers, restaurants, beauty parlors and food vendors like matooke, Irish among others.”

Mayombwe also said the market is built with eco-stoves designed to regulate smoke in and out of the buildings as well as eco-friendly stoves in the kitchens of restaurants.