YOU WILL FACE IT ROUGH: New URA Commission Gets First Test As URA Untouchables Threaten Him


The entire Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) senior management is in shock  how a junior  officer can threaten  a Commission  and  defy new strategies of Commissioner General aimed at improving the institution’s water mark against corruption.

This was after Kirimani Stephen was transferred from airport but defied and warned the commissioner’s orders insisting that Mr. John Musinguzi Rujooki would face it rough.

Kirimani claims that he works for state house a move that has motivated URA bosses to pledge the hunt and take all those mafias to the president for failing, frustrating legal orders from the institution holding the heart of the economy.

“Preliminary investigations show that Kirimani is linked to many mineral and drug smuggling into the country a move that earned him a ‘PhD in incompetence’. He is linked to Faruok Kisuze and David Kironde well known mineral fraud stars.” A close source revealed to the Ugandan.

This act has since then seen over 200 Customs officers transferred to various places, all customs staff members accepted this move but it’s shocking that ‘big headed’ Kirimani Stephen assured his colleagues that he will not leave Kampala underlining that there no deals in the upcountry where he had been deployed.

“He does not know Asycuda world, he can’t event use the ERP system to apply for his own leave. Our source revealed adding that if you want to test Kirimani’s capacity, ask him to write or narrate any customs system at the airport.

“Just like his name, Kirimani is a dealer and lead smuggler in NM minerals and electronics at the airport to pass to an extense of allowing drones which are some of the restricted items.” Our source narrated.

attached is the deployed sheet verifying his transfer from the airport, a move he shun down in presence of top managers.

It should be noted that in 2008, David Kironde alias Sam Ssimbwa Daudi, a 39-year-old employee of Kololo based Southern Mineral Company was accused of defrauding a Canadian National Assi Soubhi.

Kironde and four other suspects Stella Kalungi Dindi, Richard Kamugisha, Nasser Kibirige and Yazidi Kabonge are facing five charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, obtaining money by false pretence, criminal trespass, impersonation and forgery.

They were arrested on January 10, 2018, inside the Makerere Chemistry Lab trying to conduct another fake gold test. Soubhi on his part said Kironde is their boss and that he saw him three times before the gold transaction took place. He says he testified before court and submitted evidence implicating Kironde as one of the people who scammed him.

Prosecution alleges that the five suspects in the month of December 2017, conspired to commit a felony when they obtained money by false pretence from Soubhi Assi while pretending to sell him 7 kilograms of pure gold at USD 191, 100 valued at approximately 687.9 billion shillings.

However while appearing before the Grade One Magistrate Beatrice Khainza on last year, Kironde, a resident of Naalya Mulyagonja Gayaza denied the allegations and described Soubhi as a liar.