Veteran Radio Talk Show Host Basajja Mivule Arrested Over Tribal Rants

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • July 27, 2020

Just a few days after police arrested the Bizontos while at Simba FM, reinforced by army officials codorned off Baba Tv on Monday morning and ordered Basajja Mivule to cease whatever he was doing and later driven off to unknown destination.

The veteran presenter Basajjamivule was arrested from the station by CMI for the reasons yet to be known but rumoured to lean on tribal rants.

Before his arrest, Basajja Mivule had posted a video on his Facebook page, hinting that he had been summoned by security agencies but insisting that he was not frightened and would continue criticising the excesses of the government.

The incident comes shortly after members of Bizonto, a comedy group, were arrested for allegedly fanning tribalism.

Before all these incidents, the government had issued seven conditions for all musicians to follow if they are to perform anywhere in Uganda.

Some of these government’s new regulatory proposals require singers, poets, comedians to submit their works and scripts for review and approval by government agencies before they can be released to the public.

According to government, the rules and regulations are aimed at streamlining and promoting sanity in the art and entertainment industry.

However, Artists and stakeholders in the entertainment Industry have protested the move noting that these rules are not fair and they were brought with the intention of causing  division among musicians.