Speaker Kadaga Picks Nomination Forms for NRM National Vice Chairperson

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • July 22, 2020

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga on Tuesday picked expression of interest forms for the position of NRM 2nd National Vice-Chairperson after serving in the same position for two terms.

Kadaga will also be contesting for the seat of Kamuli district woman MP. President Museveni, who will bear the party’s flag in the presidential race and wants to maintain his seat as chairman and he picked his forms on Monday.

“The party issued a road map for the general elections but as part of that roadmap we are required also to elect our party leaders so that all the positions are renewed,” Kadaga said.

“I  am also here to bring my expression of interest for the second national chairperson post,” She said. She noted that the position requires a strong candidate hence there are many issues that she still need address if given another chance.

“My voice is very strong, there are many issues that still need to be handled. I always talk about the the issue of education of boys and girls but emphasis on the girls so I still need to be there,”she said.

She also confirmed her intention to contest for the speakership in parliament in the next term.

According to figures released by the party’s communication office, those in the race for MP in the NRM primaries will pay Ugx 2m, while lord mayors will pony up Ugx 1.5m.

Those running for the seat of LC5 chairperson will cough up Ugx 1m, mayors and district councilors (Ugx 200,000) and town council and sub-county councilors (Ugx 150,000).

According to the party’s election roadmap, the only positions that will be subjected to the process of elections are; the national chairperson, the first national vice chairperson, the second national vice chairperson (female) and the six regional vice chairpersons.

The current holders of these top nine positions in NRM are President Museveni who is the national chairperson, deputised by Moses Kigongo as first national vice chairperson and Kadaga as the second national vice chairperson.