Museveni Warns Ugandans Over Failure to Adhere to COVID-19 Guidelines Ahead of Tuesday Presidential Address

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • July 20, 2020

President Yoweri Museveni warned Ugandans against complacency, citing that the COVID-19 is still very much present within the country.

He said people who are still playing with the virus are playing with fire.

He made remarks while flagging off 25 vehicles donated to the covid19 response team at Kololo Independence grounds over the weekend.

These vehicles will help in the fight against the spread of  pandemic as the country continues to contain the virus.

Museveni cautioning the public  reiterated the warning on Covid19 noting that the disease is one of the biggest challenges to the human race at the moment.

“We have not had this kind of problem before. People who are joking with the disease are playing with fire. Over 13 million people have been infected and half a million people have died globally, so this is not a joke.” the president said.

Museveni attributed the current success of fighting the pandemic to mainly to Ugandans who have continuously listened to the government’s message and advise to minimize the infections and control the spread not forgetting the health workers who are at the front line of fighting the pandemic.

“I want to congratulate Ugandans for listening to our message and doing what we advised them to minimize the infections and save the few infected,” he said.

He revealed that some health workers, who were initially infected by the virus and healed, were again re-infected when they returned to the hospital to work.

“This disease is not a joke, apparently it can attack you again. I thank those who take the disease seriously and avoiding to endanger those around them” he said.

Museveni commended the Covid-19 response team for a job well done and thanked everyone who has donated to this noble cause of fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

He appealed to all Ugandans and well-wishers to donate more and more and assured them that their money is in safe hands and will do what it is supposed to do.

Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda said that everyone has a responsibility to fight and defeat the virus. He commended the health workers and the political leadership led by President Museveni for guiding the country well during this period.

“I salute the health workers, political leadership headed by the President and those who have donated to the response team. The Pandemic is still with us but we should defeat it and every one of us has a responsibility,” PM Rugunda said.

Minister Mary Karooro Okurut who is the political head on the Covid-19 response team thanked President Museveni and Government for their exemplary and strategic leadership during the Pandemic. She appreciated all those who have come out to donate to this cause.

“God helps those who help themselves. Ugandans have been creative during this period and now the country can make masks, sanitizers etc,” Karooro said.