Museveni Reaffirms Commitment to Create More Jobs, Better Education  for the Youth

  • by Harriet Kafeero
  • July 11, 2020


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reaffirmed government’s commitment towards the transformation of the Pearl of Africa regardless of the increasing population.

Speaking while officiating the commemoration of the World Population Day for this year, on Saturday 11th/ July 202, Museveni stated that government is working so hard to create more jobs for the youth.

” The NRM Government will continue to provide these young people with education, skills, jobs and health care so that they can be gainfully employed, save and invest so that they become the engine of economic growth. This is the demographic dividend, i.e. the economic benefits we can have out of our growing youthful population. For some time now, I have been stressing this point, that our youthful population is our greatest asset.” Museveni noted.

Basing on the fact that Uganda has a predominantly young population with those aged 0 – 14 years being 47.9% and those below 30 years being 78%, Museveni also stated that young people tend to withstand COVID-19 better than the more elderly population.

“In this regard, 3 Uganda’s population age structure being predominantly young is working in our favor in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.” Museveni said adding on the need for all Ugandans to continue washing hands with soap and clean water.

The Five Star army General also revealed that We in Uganda have also realized that food security is key for the population during a crisis like this pandemic but also in any other crisis, be it locusts, floods, etc.

“Regarding health of our population, we have noticed that in spite of epidemic, we continue to witness an increase in life style diseases. Lifestyle diseases or Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) include; diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity and cancers.” He added.

The theme for this year’s World Population Day, “Leveraging Uganda’s Population Dynamics for a Resilient Future amidst COVID-19”.