I would rather Be Ruled by a Lion than a Million Rats – Nadduli Tells Off Bobi Wine

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • July 14, 2020


The former Minister Without Portfolio Hon. Abdul Nadduli has challenged Ugandan youth not waste time on leaders that won’t help them.

Speaking with interacting with our reporter, Nadduli stated that it’s a waste of time for people to think that the opposition coalition in the forthcoming election can bring about change.

He stated the opposition has nothing its bringing on table thus deserves no attention from people that wish Uganda well.

“I would rather be ruled by a lion than one million rats. There is a story of the rats that wanted to overthrow and kill the cat which was eating them. They organized a meeting and plotted a move to tie a bell in the cat’s neck so that it can make noise when the cat moved thus notifying the rats to hide the deadly cat. It was agreed that this would not only save their lives, but would also eventually make the cat starve to death. However the challenge came when it time to tie the bell in the cat’s neck, non of the rats was willing and ready to decorate the cat with bell, that’s why till now, the cat is still eating rats.” Nadduli ironically rated Uganda’s opposition to the rats.

He added that people like Bobi Wine also know that they are not ready to take president Museveni now, but they are making noise just to mislead to mislead the society.